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Dance of the Heart
Is devotional prayer in physical language, incorporating the mystery, that, which we cannot describe. We celebrate the supreme knowledge, truth, the highest consciousness...That essence that many religions call with many names.
Param Jyoti, Garita Carola Stieber, Germany, invented this art of sacred dance in Feburary 2002. After graduation from her dance study in AHK, Amsterdam/Netherlands, with the Diploma for Modern Dance, she enjoyed further Studies (mainly in Meditation, Spiritual Practise and Energy Work.She graduated from BPI Berkeley as Referent C. Stieber and learned Puja service in the tradition of Herakhan Babaji, holding Aarati for Shiva and the Divine Mother) in the United States and Europe and was working at the same time on research towards her own expression in dance, as well as holding public performances and teachings.
Her inner search for truth and her natural way of expression via dance was her motivation and can now be experienced in her work Devadasi - Dance of the heart. This work manifests in performances, Dancerituals, workshops, one-to-one-encounters, trainingcourses, dance-meetings as well as different projects in the field of art, cultur and social engagement.
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Since chanting spiritual songs has become an important aspect in her work, she is frequently invited to sing in Ashrams, Yoga Centers, Festivals and other functions.
This dance form contains both the artistic element as well as the spiritual component of meditation, workship and shared prayer. The performances do not operate with choreography. In contrast, the work aims for the "real meeting", which takes place without concept, in devotion to the present moment and truth.
The intention is to inspire people deep within, encouraging inner reflection of what is truly important for oneself and offers support in actually following our inner calling in daily life.
Dance of the Heart welcomes and respects each person in their own expression, beyond traditional and cultural or religious heritage. It does not encourage conformism, but inner work and transformation.
As we remember who we are, we will be able to meet, in the heart.
Along with the acient tradition of temple dance and like any bhajan, Dance of the Heart is a celebration:
Offering peace to our minds
Wings to our hearts
And spiritual knowledge
and it beholds
the power of transformation
and nectar for our souls

Like holy Mira, Param Jyoti´s way of worshipping is by singing and dancing. On some occasions, there is the possibility within her solo dance, which is accompagnied by live music, for the participant to receive personal attention: a short and meaningful dance about you and for you, the spectator.
In any case everyone in the public is kindly invited to actively participate the Danceritual in their hearts, so that each may harvest the seeds of their own love and kindness.

"I am the fire of love.
Anything you give into it
Will nourish its flames.
As you offer your love
You give yourself
Back to yourself." Param Jyoti
Param Jyoti seeks to have her work be of benefit for people and the world. Dance of the heart contains different artistic, cultural and social projects, like Devadasi-Hilfsprojekt in cooperation and networking with organizations in similar interest.

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