dance retreats and pilgrimages

Dance retreats and pilgrimages with Paramjyoti:  

There is the unique possability to join Paramjyoti and Eckart with the filmproject. It requires some independence from you, for you will be given some free time and being taken care of by our hosts, who will guide you locally. The one-time-chance is, that besides danceofferings, dancerituals, workshops and individual coachings, you will be able to whidness or even participate in some of the shooting events. For more information please contact:   

For the near future you can look forward to dance-retreat-travels and pilgrimages to: 

India: live in "paramjyoti´s village". Explore Khajuraho, which is famous for it´s temples, from a very nontouristic perspective. And visit the extraordinary place: Kalinger Fort. 

Italy/Assisi: Danceritual in the temple of light, workshop in "Awakening Art Academy", get to know Ananda Community and Asrham, their yogi-activities and beautiful people! Discover the holy place of St. Francis, Assisi town and environment. Assisi / Italy ( )

Germany/Eitorf: First annual "Dance of the Heart" Gathering, "Theater im Hof"/Eitorf/close to Frankfurt

Turkey: Semaritual with Orec Güvenc in Gökchedere/Yalova/Istanbul

Thailand: take rest in the miraculous Spa and Wellnessresort Kamalaya. The perfect place to explore the connection of your spirituality with your senusality. Kamalaya is a Temple for your body and soul. A very unique and extraordinarily beautiful place in which you can choose to retreat or participate in activies like our danceworkshop and danceofferings.

Phillipines: allow yourself "a time out" from all familiar surroundings and activities. We live in a beautiful smal guesthouse of Elvira Geronimo, on an iland with authentic population and life style, where there is not much tourism. We will enjoy the beach, silent times, yoga, meditation, movement and the exploration of powerful places in nature.

If you are interested to receive detailed information or want to join us in the travels, please send an mail to:

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