A personal dance offering for you, online

Since Paramjyoti is very much travelling and the friends are spread all around the globe,

you can request an individual dance offering for you, for a dear person in need, or in regards to a certain issue, by sending an email to: info@devadasi.de

Please remember, that whenever something is "boiling" it is a good time to ask for a dance offering.

A dance offering is not functionning as a healing. It is usually more like a mirrow reflection of the energy you are presently working, consciously or unconsicously. Sometimes there are suggestions of how a conflict might loosen up to reenter your natural flow and the flow of life. This mirrow reflection may help you due to the recognition of where you are at and due to mutual and loving dedication and acknoledgment of what is in a loving way.

It will help you to feel whatever it is that is there, to see clearer where you are at, and most important of all to be more compassionate, forgiving and loving with yourself!