Summer Academy

Embark on the pilgrimage into the depths of your heart!
Discover what sacred dance means to you,
how it expresses through you and what secrets it holds for you.

The Summer Academy is one of Paramjyoti´s most intensive Training Programmes in Sacred Dance.
The small group will allow focus on individual guidance. No previous experience is necessary.
Beginners as well as Professional dancers are invited to join. 
The Summer Academy is a good opportunity to:
- dig deep in ones own spiritual practice via music and dance. 
  Synchoniszing movement, mind and breath, you (re-)connect to what is dearest to you. 
  You will "fall back" into your original source of being. 
  Life´s dance, through its individual exression through you, may spring forth... 
Paramjyoti and her friends will stay in Assisi also after the Summer Academy, for about a month.
This gives you additionally the chance go: 
- take advantage of One to one bookings with Paramjyoti. 
  May it be a dance dedication by Paramjyoti with live Music for you OR an individual dance coaching. 
- take class in voice practice (discover your own song) and instrumentall music by glorious and beautiful Krishangi Lila and young and brilliant Sufimusician Sina Gheisari ( if Visa permits )
- get to know Assisi, Ananda Yoga Community und die Akademy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness
Holy St. Francis and St. Ciara left not only a blesing, but also their sacred energy in this holy place.
Until today, Assisi is being visited by people from all over the world and various spiirtual traditions. Many of them have build own refuge and pilgrimage places like spirsitual centers, ashrams, spiritual communities or hold gatherings here. The visit of therse spirirual gardens are highly recommendable as well.   
Summer School Programme
Fr. 26.6. - Sun 5.7.2020
Fr.    all day               Arrival

Sat.  8.15pm              Filmpresentation 

Sun. 8.30pm              Orientation meeting

Mo - Thurs                 Sacred Dance Seminar                          

Thu. 8.30pm              Celebration: open dance night 
Fr. full day                  Pilgrimage to Assisi

Sat. 8.30pm.              Kirtan and Whirling prayer, in the "Temple of Light", Ananda community

Sun. any time             Departure
Here you can find the Registration form >> 
Please send form to: 
At “Arte Spirito” the Academy of Art, Creativity, and Consciousness near Assisi, Italy. The whirling prayer on Saturday 4.7. will take place in the nearby "Temple of Light" of the Yoga Community Ananda
Costs: will be announced shortly (for the entire programme written above, without travelling costs, food and accomodation) 

Accomodation:  For lodging nearby there are two options within walking distance.

Ananda Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Arcobaleno Agriturismo (Bed & Breakfast)