Summer Academy

After a longer break, Paramjyoti will be back in her beloved Assisi!
She offers a time for spiritual practice in music and dance. It is one of her most intense seminars, for we will dedicate many hours a day to research our own "dance of the heart" under guidance of a dancer who dedicated her life to this kind of work since decades. Due to space, the number of participants is lilmited which will increase the intensity of individual guidance by Paramjyoti. No previous experience is necessary.
Beginners as well as Professional dancers are invited to join. 
Paramjyoti will be in Assis for at least a month, starting with the Summer Academy. A good opportunity to:
- dig deep in own spiritual practice and research via music and dance, synchoniszing movement, mind and breath, to reconnect and to fall back into your original source of being. Life´s dance will spring forth and may unfold.
- take advantage of One to one bookings with Paramjyoti. May it be a dance dedication by Paramjyoti with live Music for you OR an individual dance coaching.
- take class in voice practice (discover your own song) and instrumentall music by glorious and beautiful Krishangi Lila and young and brilliant Sufimusician Sina Gheisari ( if Visa permits )
- get to know Assisi, Ananda Yoga Community und die Akademy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness
Holy St. Francis and St. Ciara left not only a blesing, but also their sacred energy in this holy place.
Until today, Assisi is being visited by people from all over the world and various spiirtual traditions. Many of them have build own refuge and pilgrimage places like spirsitual centers, ashrams, spiritual communities or hold gatherings here. The visit of therse spirirual gardens are highly recommendable as well. 
Programme 2020
Fr. 26.6. Arrival

Sat. 27.6. 8.30pm filmpresentation with life event: film talk, music and dance

Sun. 28.6. First orientation meeting

Mo - Thursday 29.-2.7. Dance Seminar
         Mornings: class with Paramjyoti;  Afternoonsinheiten: time of own practice and under the guidance of the guest musicians 

Thu. 2.7. 8.30pm Celebration: open dance night 

Fr. 3.7.  Pilgrimage to Assisi

Sat. 4.7., 8.30pm. Whirling prayer by Paramjyoti with Kirtan, in the "Temple of Light", Ananda community

Sun. 5.7. Departure
We will meet at all times in the location of the Art Academy, unless specified differently. 
Costs: will be announced shortly
Accomodation: please organise by yourself, e.g. in Ananda Yoga School and Community