Love moves

International Gathering in Music and Dance 29.5.-2.6.2019 

in Bhole Baba Ashram, Kalkstück 11, 51570 Windeck. Tel.: 02243 6603,  

"Dance of the heart" invites you to meet with people from different geographic, cultural and spiritual backgrounds in order to dive into a deeply nourshing space within yourself and due to the exchange amongst each other. Movement and dance, sound and music speak to us, for us and about us. They guide us into our heart and into the heart of the that, which might appear as "foreign" at first. They lead us into the heart of that, which - despite all differences - is mutually present everywhere and deeply familar to each of us.

Our workshop programm: 

- Paramjyoti: introduction into "Dance of the Heart" by Paramjyoti and the Whirling Prayer

- Krishangi Lila from Estland: hindu devotional chants of first excellence!

- Elischewa Dreyfuss: jewish and christian lyrics and musical pieces

- Suna Storm: oriental bellydance presentation and workshop

- Hani Ibrahim: egytian percussion

- Sina Gheisari from Iran: Sufimusic with Ney, Oud, Tar, voice, heart, and more :-)

- Faruk Mirza Sidik: firy percussion from Irak and tender, poetic Ney

- Meir Ganor from the Kibbutz Neot Semadar, Negev Desert, Israel 

Musicians and dancers from different spiritual and cultural heritage will teach workshops in which they introduce themselves via their music and dance. Emphasize in Love Moves is to meet yourself in the heart, in music, in dance, in spirit, in soul, in body. To meet with the heart of other people and the heart of their path and tradition - beyond borders and the limitations of the mind. 

In the evenings we are enjoying concerts and rituals. Outside of the programm there will be time for individual meetings, questions, answers, silence, singing, listening,...

The ashram also offers vedic fire ceremonies throughout our stay. 

Welcome! We are excited to meet you!

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music samples: Krishangi Lila