biography of Param Jyoti

Date of birth: 1.8.1973
Place of birth: Tiengen, Hochrhein in South Germany
1993 Abitur, Klettgaugymasium Tiengen
1998 Diploma for Modern Dance, Dance Academy AHK-Amsterdam/Netherlands
2000 Graduation Berkeley Psychic Institute, California, USA
2002 Birth of "Dance of the Heart"

Param Jyoti, Garita Carola Stieber was born and raised in Germany. She was the third girl in her family and from a young age was multitalented, especially in the arts. From childhood she began dancing, following the guidance and inspiration of her sister, who brought her to her first true dance teacher. Karin Hermes-Sunke could teach her dance beyond the phsical realm. After graduating from her dance study in AHK Amsterdam/Netherlands, with the Diploma for Modern Dance, she further engaged in studies in Meditation, Spiritual Practice and Energy Work. She graduated from BPI Berkeley/California as Referent C. Stieber in the United States. At "Center of Unity - Schweibenalp" in Switzerland she learned Puja service in the tradition of Heradhan Babaji, holding Aarati for Shiva and the Divine Mother. She was working at the same time on research towards her own expression in dance, as well as holding public performances and counseling. By an inner inspiration, she invented this art of sacred dance in February 2002. Her inner search for truth and her natural way of expression via dance was her motivation for founding "Dance of the Heart". Ever since, she has shared this continuously unfolding art with other people, spreading love and truth while dancing with her friends. Bridging different cultures, spiritual groups and human hearts, and strengthening the connection between the soul and its source, is a matter dear to her heart. Between 2004 and 2011 she used to live half of the year in India. Her base there is in the Ashram Bamhori, which is close to Khajuraho, a city famous for its historical temples and internationally known dance festivals. Param Jyoti has been participating within these cultural programs, such as Shilpgram dance festival. In the later years networking with Ananda Ashram and it´s Awakening Art Academy in Assisi/Italy have developed and increased. Yearly workshops and a danceritual has been offered here, where Paramjyoti could encounter extraordinary resonance, validtation and support. Another dance family of her´s, apart from the own little crowd of Students and friends around her, lives in the Kibbuzim Neot Semadar in a desert oasis in Israel. The spirit of this community is very close to Paramjyoti´s soul. Here she has a intimate study groep since several years. Besides those pools, Paramjyoti offers her dance worldwide in various presentations. 


She has performed in:

- concerts

- cultural functions

- spiritual ceremonies or familycelebrations

- Yoga and Music festivals

- many different ashrams

- homeless-, old people´s- and children's homes, hospitals and other social organizations

- many spiritual centres, seminarhouses and yogacenters.

In these places, she shares the dance by presenting dance offerings and dance rituals, workshops, one to one encounters and training courses.

Her life is one of dedication to dance, spirituality, and bridging hearts, traditions and cultures.

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