"I, the Love in the hearts of all beings and all existence, am at home with the Sufis, on the Buddhist stupa, in the Hindu mantras and slokas, in the Gregorian chants, in the worship of Sri Krishna, in the name of Jesus, in the realization of "I am" from Advaita, in the tantric ritual Maithuna from man and woman, in the smile of a child, in the heart of every aspirant as well as their master, in the wind, the creek, the mountain and the autumn leaf." -Param Jyoti

Where the soul is dedicated to its source, there is Dance of the Heart. Where a soul starts to dance out of thankfulness, love and surrender, there is Devadasi.

For Param Jyoti the dance is a "school of life", and a spiritual practice; An invitation towards that which can neither be spoken nor known. And yet, we are aware of it and know...and celebrate...

Intuition and authenticity, vulnerability and honesty towards oneself are addressed within the individual.

Among different spiritual movements: Param Jyoti is invited to dance in many families, which are all part of the human race. She likes to focus on the very basic, which all have in common: We are human beings with a heart; our longing and striving has the same origin and goal.

Param Jyoti is continually networking amongst them, and hopes to evenutally build communities of mutual support, as an alternative to the existing political and social system for truth and peace.

Devadasi- Dance of the heart
...dedicates itself to the silent transformation within the heart. It is not about a missionary effort in the world, but rather to encounter the ignorance within ourselves, and to realize the divinity within all of existence.



Various Citations:

"Dance until there is no more dancer!"-Karim, Berlin, Germany

"There are very few people who dance only for God, and not for name and fame. These are true devotees. Param Jyoti is a true Bhakta" -Sripad Sadhu Maharaj, Vrindavan, India

"You are a true Devadasi!" -M. Sharma, First Secretary of Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal

"There is nothing aritificial in your dance, but rather it is flowing and natural like a river." Sri Swami Kedarnath Maharaj, Anandamayi Ashram, Omkareshwar, India