what is Dance of the Heart?

more: What truly moves you? What is the true value of your life? Do you allow this impulse to guide you in your daily life? Dance of the heart is an invitation to explore and re-establish this attunement to your own heart. Where the soul is dedicated to its source, there is Dance of the Heart. Where a soul starts to dance out of thankfulness, love and surrender, there is Devadasi. Dance of the Heart is an intuitive sacred dance for everyone who feels moved to join in! Steps, movements or sequences are not the things that are taught. Nevertheless, there is also the play with formal movement techniques throughout the school, with the intention of training certain physical abilities and for developing deeper insight. Our emphasis is on authenticity as we want to encounter ourselves and the love in our hearts. It is devotional dance dedicated to natural movement that emerges from within and leads you intuitively, inspired by your spiritual aspiration. Dance of the heart is an invitation to dance and to be yourself; to enjoy and to celebrate. Its expression is inspired by meditation and prayer. The aim of the training is the development of higher consciousness, and learning to live according to one's own inner truth. The practise is neither based on a specific culture nor a certain religion. The heart's gentle voice is what is referred to, and honesty towards our true self is its aim.

"I am the fire of love.

anything you give into it

will nourish its flames.

as you offer your love,

you give yourself

back to yourself." Paramjyoti

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