In a Dance Offering, Param Jyoti offers her talents to enhance and enrich an ongoing ritual or program under the auspices and guidance of the director of the function who invited her. Param Jyoti can be invited alone or together with her musician friends. If you wish dance within your concert, Yoga - or Music Festival, Opening Ceremony, Family celebration, Spiritual Ceremony (e.g. Church service), or as a gift for a dear one,... please contact us >>

In the context of Dance of the Heart, dance presentations are intentionally not called performances, since they are not aiming for show and entertainment, but their character is more of devotion. The public is invited to join into meditation and prayer, and to look with the eyes of their heart in order to get the most benefit.

In a Dance Ritual the interaction between the dancer and the audience is increased as well as the degree of active participation of the audience. Param Jyoti takes the lead in guiding the participants through their own discovery of their own inner dance, and a deeper understanding of their true selves and the way to outwardly express and enhance them.

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