Dance Ritual

In a Dance Ritual, Param Jyoti takes the lead in guiding the participants through their own discovery of their own inner dance, and a deeper understanding of their true selves and the way to outwardly express and enhance them.

As the classical dance form is the perfection of the perceived inspiration and its final fulfilment, "Dance of the Heart" dedicates its attention to the very beginning, when inspiration is received. Not limited by forms or patterns, it allows free play of inner intuition. It dedicates itself to the birthplace of inspiration.

The dance is not based on choreography, but inspired by meditation and takes form spontaneously out of the present moment: the atmosphere as a whole, the music- which is not set either; the place, the people and their state of being. In contrast to improvisation the impulse for the movement originates in intuition and spiritual aspiration.

The dancer, Param Jyoti, invites the audience to participate actively, since the dance ritual´s nature is the one of a shared prayer. People are invited to sing simple spiritual songs and to interact. Part of the dance ritual, which is invented by Param Jyoti herself, is that in which she is dancing for individual people. She spontatniously dances before the individual, expressing her interpretation of the person's energy, mind and personality. The dance takes the form of her immediate inspiration from the perception she feels of the person's life force, aspirations and spiritual needs which she senses inwardly in the Moment of the dance. It is highly symbolic of the person's inner nature, and often even gives guidance for their spiritual unfoldment. This can be a 2-5 Minutes personal dance. In private groups (not open public), the dances can cover a much longer time. They may take place according to a certain topic and the people usually participate also with sound (voice and instruments), movement and dance (powerdances >>). Another part of the dance ritual is the spiraling dance element. This is similar to what is known from the Sufi Tradition with their Dervishes: The dancer is spinning in trance over a long period of time. In some dance rituals the entire audience is invited to join into the dance.

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