sharing the dance

In an ambience in which we feel safe, we allow ourselves to be moved, inside and outside. Some may want to be still while others dance with their entire body. Eveybody according to where he/she is at. Sharing the dance is a playground as well as a place for prayer and worship equally

Sharing the dance is an open space for free movement and exercise of your body and spiritual practice. It is a space that invites you to be who you are and to be with whatever is present for you at the given time. Param Jyoti gives but little guidance by words, but offers inspiration by singing and playing with other musicians together and invites mostly by her own dance and guided meditation to celebrate, explore and be yourself.

The live music takes form in interaction with the dancers and their mood. The setting shall not only inspire our creativity, but also guide it in a way, so it and the event is constructive and beneficial for each.

What does an event look like?

Usually we start by building a circle to tune in ourselves and the group by singing together. Periodically we are ivited to all join in the singing. Thus way we establish some sort of common journey, during which everyone is invited to follow their own way. The dynamics are changeing, not according to a preconveived plan, but according to the given mood and needs. At some point there will be most certainly wild drumming, inviting into trance, while at some other point during the 2-3 hour meetings, we will be invited to go in Shavasana-mode--deep relaxation in complete stillness. In the end we most of the time provide the opportunity, again sitting in a circle, to communicate a feedback, as required.

Dance, simply dance
Free, joyfull, alive, natural, thankfull, light, intuitive, lovingly and truthfuly...
Whateverr dance means to you, whether you dance internally or whether you involve your full body. It resembles a river, to which we open our hearts, to be carried "home".
All classical dance forms have been developed out of once received inspiration. They have specialized themselves into specific forms and its perfection. In dance of the heart the emphasis lays on dedicating ourselves to the birthplace of inspiration.

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