Workshops are held in different formats, from 3-5 hours up to several days. The basics of "Dance of the Heart" build the foundation, on which different topics like: trance, dances of power, intuitive temple dance,...can be added. They are always accompagnied by live music. Elements like singing together and sharing the dance, silent and guided meditation are fundamental to the workshop as well. In addition, simple exercises, according to the topic or need of the groep are engaged in.

What will happen during the workshop?

We will gather in a circle, and sing together some simple devotional songs (from different Traditions). In the heart as well as within this circle we create space for the dance to happen. One exercise could be to individually enter the center, and simply be there. Staying with the breath will help to allow to feel and be present. These simple exercises and instructions shall support, to dedicate ourselves to the individual dances of the heart. A workshop also contains the opportunity for powerdances. After a final phase of „shavasana", we again build a circle, to allow sharing of the experiences. (Participation of the workshop requires no preeducaiton whatsoever. )

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