Power Dances

A Power Dance comes forth within a very safe atmosphere, supported by the group. The participants get to dance with whatever theme is present and formost in their lives. The individual can choose the format: according to the theme, he/she gives instructions on who is playing what kind of music and who may dance along, and how the group can support the effort. Whatever inspiration comes forth in the given moment is the content of the dance. Some people may also choose to enter the circle empty. The circle is created by the people who are present and who have established a powerful ambience of healing and aspiration by chanting mantras and kirtans, and sacred chants of various cultures and religions; chants from the Christian, Muslim/Sufi, Jewish and Native American Indian are all used. Now the dance may unfold and the people are all its "midwifes" as the birth of inspiration and healing comes forth.

The idea is to dance with troublesome energy in oder to eventually loose fear; to get used to dealing with a problem, overcome limits, allowing oneself to be vulnarable; To find ways to be with a certain situation, practise forgivingness, or to offer a dance of thankfullness; To be with oneself in spontanious expression, or simply being with what IS. The experience of Param Jyoti will help, guiding the process within the ease and spontenaity of simply being present.

Following the subtle voice of your heart, here the Dance takes place. IT does not want anything else than to remind us of what is most beloved and precious to us. IT is that which touches us and moves us. It is That which is carrying us also through difficulties. Being attuned to That, we dance with what is, and we discover and possibly experience liberation, since what is once recognized will naturally find its place in the order of love.

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